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Managing Director/CEO

After graduating from Latrobe University, Anthony established PSW in 1990 after several years of experience working in his family business and learning his trade there.

From the beginning it was his intention to manufacture and supply product of the highest standards to ensure he ‘put smiles on kids’ faces’ and he has been successful in achieving this for 30 years.

Never afraid of a hard day’s work, Anthony’s work ethic was shaped from years of various experiences from a young age including cleaning bricks, washing dishes at nightclubs, security work, selling newspapers and even grating cheese at Kraft!

Anthony is also well trained in various communications fields and has completed several high-end sales management training courses, in addition, his talents extend to the practice of Spiral Dynamics and he is trained in the Neuro-linguistic Program.

All of these life and professional experiences have resulted in the passion and love he has for this industry and building the success that PSW is today.