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Concept & Design.

Our concept and design team led by George Athas, partner with key school stakeholders to develop a unique and detailed strategy to deliver a high quality, durable uniform which students enjoy and are proud to wear.

We offer a customised service to every individual school because each school is distinctive in its’ history and branding. At PSW we own and operate our design and manufacturing facilities to ensure you get the highest quality and consistent garments every time. We have been successfully designing and manufacturing school uniform solutions since 1990, working jointly with schools to ensure complete delivery from concept to colour, fabric and modern styling.

George has over 20 years of experience in uniform concept and design management. The process begins with an initial customer consultation, storyboard concept design, fabric and product sampling, consultation with all stakeholders to a final customer concept presentation for final sign-off prior to production.

The right fit for your brand.

We begin by understanding your brand based on your school's history. We then identify your objective by selecting style, colours, trims – re-working your existing uniform and creating a completely on-trend concept. We create your storyboard and then revise your selections to ensure they are right for your brand image and vision. We make sure that you are primed for the future. We deliver and we enjoy the results with you.