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Providing your students with the best possible uniform is our priority at PSW. Embellishing your logo on your school's uniform ensures your history, culture, image and brand is communicated to the community.

PSW are leading the way in print technology - we offer a number of different embellishment methods to capture your school’s brand and personality!

Non Halo Ironable (NHI) Print - Move over screenprint. PSW's World Leading Technology is here!
Imagine, cleaner, sharper logos that parents can iron onto! Now thats NHI!
Developed by PSW, NHI Print is far superior to traditional screenprint. NHI technology is unique to PSW and cannot be matched by any other competitor in the market!

So what does this mean for your school and students?

  • The safest possible uniform.
  • Your school logo will stand out more as prints are shaper and clearer.
  • NHI ensures colour consistency across our complete product range. Meaning your bag print colour will be the same colour as your jumper and polo.
  • Value for money.
  • Unlike screenprint, NHI is ironable making it easier for parents when laundering their child’s school uniform.

Embroidery - For a classical, stylish look.
Embroidery involves stitching your school’s logo onto our products. Perfect for logos with intricate detail or multiple colours, embroidered logos look stylish and are ideal for our formal range including Blazers and Woolen Jumpers.

High Definition (HD) Print - For stunningly rich, multi-coloured designs.
Popular for our Grad Wear Garments, HD Prints are thin, lightweight transfers that can be applied to our garments and products. Ideal for detailed logo designs with multiple colours, HD School Logo Prints are becoming a popular alternative for many schools who want an innovative, exciting uniform range.

Not sure what option is right for your school? Call us today on 03 9768 0333 for more information or to see a sample.


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