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We take quality seriouslyGirl_Dress
Since 1990 we have built our reputation on delivering quality products through service excellence. We know students are tough on their schoolwear. That’s why we’re even tougher on the quality of our products. PSW products are tested, inspected and inspected again before you receive them.

Towards perfection
From fabric development right through to construction and embellishing products with your school logo, our team is always ensuring that our products are made to high quality standards.

PSW is ISO compliant
All products manufactured by PSW have been recognised as being compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. This means we have been externally audited to ensure we meet the recognised worldwide standards in manufacturing consistent, good quality products and services.

How our team ensures perfection:

  • PSW materials are carefully selected and tested to the highest industry standards by independent testing laboratories to ensure superior performance and wear.
  • Prior to manufacturing, materials are thoroughly inspected for flaws and faults by our Quality Control Team.
  • Once constructed each individual product is thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control Team. Products that do not meet PSW standards do not pass inspection.

Because we are so passionate about quality, where this is a question over an item of clothing it will be inspected personally by our Technical Director - our team isn't happy unless you are!


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