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Benefits of School Uniforms

We all know that some of the most important characteristics children need, are self-confidence, a sense of belonging, safety and being comfortable – both physically and emotionally. PSW Quality Apparel uniforms support these ideals.

Self Confidence

A child's self-confidence is reinforced by the pride they have in looking and feeling good in the uniforms they wear. Feeling good will also help them perform better. If a child feels that they look the best they can, they will be more relaxed and therefore more receptive to learning.

With this confidence they can be comfortable expressing themselves in a team environment while accepting individual differences.

A Sense Of Belonging

Uniforms promote unity. When children wear the same garments there is less competition and have a smaller chance of being singled out. Wearing similar clothes in the same colours unites children – it creates a true team environment.


We all know the saying ‘Safety in Numbers'. Through uniformity, a child's safety is reinforced. In promoting the school logo, the uniform identifies the student as part of the school. This reinforces a child's pride as well as allowing people to identify them as a member of that school.


When a child is comfortable they perform better. The comfort and warmth of good garments will ensure there are no physical limitations – not to mention how well the garments last. (Imagine how good it feels when you look great wash after wash). The children experience emotional comfort with the sense of unity, pride and safety that the uniform provides.

PSW Quality Apparel is in the business of changing children's states, ensuring a sense of value and quality in their lives.


A school uniform takes away ‘equality' issues particularly in a time when, as a nation, we are searching for reconciliation. Whilst we understand and enjoy the many differences in our community, these differences should not lead to negative actions or thoughts.

A uniform helps children to form a bond of togetherness that may not exist without a uniform. This allows children to be children and enjoy being active, vibrant and expressive without reservation.


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