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How PSW Can help you.

When selecting your uniform supplier, you probably need to know exactly what the company will do to give you high quality uniforms when you need them, with the best service. Here's what you can expect from us.

While reading this, you might like to bear in mind that PSW is always looking for ways to improve our services to you. So when you give us feedback, it will be greatly appreciated and help us improve our products, service and delivery to you.

PSW's Commitments to You:

1. Your Needs Are Assessed

You will have your schoolwear needs fully assessed by our Account You will have your schoolwear needs fully assessed by our AccounManagers. That way, your individual needs are met, as we will have a thorough understanding of what is most important to you.

Once your requirements are determined, your job will be made easier through these services...


2. Guaranteed Quality Products

Only the finest quality fabrics are used in your garments. PSW's garments are competitively priced and last 50% to 100% longer than what you can get elsewhere, which makes them outstanding value for money.

Your garments also undergo a number of Quality Control inspections, however should any faulty garment ‘sneak' through to you, it will be quickly replaced or you will receive a full refund at your request.


3. Guaranteed Fast Delivery Of Stockline Garments

‘Stockline' refers to any garment carried on the shelves of the warehouse at PSW When you place an order for these garments, you will receive them in 7-14 working days. This will save you the inconvenience of long delays, particularly in times of need, like at the start of your school year.


4. Free Sample Service

You may, from time to time, like to make additions or improvements to your range. This can easily arranged by your consultant. In fact, a free sample service is available to help you see and feel the benefits of any garments that may interest you. This way you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you need and want.


5. Dedicated Account Manager

Your Account Manager is available to help you with all of your questions so you get effective solutions to your needs. In addition to your Account Manager you will also have a Customer Service Representative dedicated to your school to assist you with any of your needs.


6. Made-to-order Garments

For your garments that are truly unique, speak to your Account Manager about the ‘made-to-order' facility. Particular needs are never overlooked.


7. No Minimum Order Quantity For Stockline Garments

You can order any quantity of ‘stockline' garments, big or small, that you require. This, coupled with the fact that your stock orders can be delivered so quickly, means you will have little need to carry excessive amounts of stock on your school premises. So you save money normally held up in stock and valuable time, required to manage it.


8. Personalised Order Form

This makes placing your orders effortless. Simply fill in a box with the quantity of garments you require and fax it directly to PSW. You could even make your job of collating orders faster and more efficient by having an order form specially designed for your schools' parents. They can simply pass it on to you when they want to order.

9. Personal Delivery To Your School

All your parcels will be delivered by a courier, in person, to your school's Administration Office, unless otherwise specified. Each parcel must be signed for by your school. If you require a ‘Special Delivery' destination or date, simply note this on your order form before faxing it through to PSW.


10. Customer Feedback Form

A form will be supplied with every parcel you receive so you can make any comments you feel we need to know. You can give us any suggestions or challenges in this manner so you can expect an immediate response to your comments. Special offers only available to valued customers such as yourself, will be promoted here, from time to time.


11. Information When You Need It

We are always available to provide additional information that may be beneficial to you in your efforts to manage the school uniform shop. Please feel free to call and chat with us


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